The safe solution for your cold chain

Food safety has become a major preoccupation both for food professionals and for private individuals who are concerned about their own wellbeing and that of their families.

Today interruptions in the cold chain are the primary cause of thousands of cases of food poisoning that occur each year with consequences that can be extremely dangerous for your health. Nobody is safe from the risk of a defective freezer and/or fridge, a badly closed door or simply an interruption to electricity supply.

Cold Guard® is the simple and reliable solution for helping eliminated any health risks. Cold Guard® is a small piece of equipment with a totally original procedure that indicates not only any critical increase in temperature in the freezer and/or fridge, but it also gives a visual indication of how long the interruption has lasted: hence the name: chrono-thermometer®.

eCold Guard®

Cold Guard® exists in an electronic version that enables you to record your temperatures and to transfer your data to your computer or Smartphone.

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