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Cold Guard®

Imagine having a coach who alerts you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time, of a possible risk of food poisoning in your fridge, freezer, cold or freezer room!

Only a dream hard to believe in?

Cold Guard ® makes it real for you with an innovative procedure, simple and reliable to protect you.

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eCold Guard®

eCold Guard® takes care of everything for you !

The self-sufficient solution to record your temperatures and secure your cold chain.

To enable you to fulfil your obligations of results in complete safety and to meet the statutory requirements of application, we have developed eCold Guard® for you.

Easy to use, inexpensive, effective and secure, eCold Guard®, is based on the same visual principles and the same advantages as Cold Guard®. However, from now on you will receive automatic and precise statements of the temperatures of your fridges, cold rooms, freezers, freezer rooms, etc…
Replacing pen and paper, eCold Guard® records the temperatures identical to those at the heart of your food without having the slightest contact with the food itself, as often as you want.
Stored in computer files, your temperatures are presented in tabular and graphic forms that you can save and print as often as you like.

In addition to figures, the temperature variations appear in the 3 known Cold Guard® colours, which enables you to immediately see where you can make improvements in your cold areas.

You can feel reassured, eCold Guard® constantly watches over for you!

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