Cold Guard®, an essential ally for your food

Cold Guard ® is the essential ally

  • Restaurants, caterers and traders nursing homes and hospitals
  • Units of food production
  • Refrigerated transport trucks
  • Medical laboratory

Food safety has become a major concern for both food professionals and health conscious individuals for their well -being and that of their families .

Today, breaks in the cold chain are the leading cause of thousands of food poisoning occur each year, with consequences that can be extremely damaging to health. However , no one is safe from a freezer and / or a defective fridge, worn gasket , door ajar or simply a power outage !

Cold Guard ® is a simple and reliable solution to eliminate this health risk.
Cold Guard ® is a device that signals the novel method not only all critical rise in temperature occurred in the freezer and / or fridge, but also makes it possible to view the time . Hence its name : chrono- thermometer ®

Cold Guard ® simulates the temperature at the heart of your food to a temperature measurement much more realistic.


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